Dell T30 Overview/Review

The Dell T30 is an entry-level server, and it is currently available very inexpensively (I just bought a refurbished one for $249.)  I’m writing this to better explain to potential buyers what this server is, and what it is not.  It’s a decent little machine, but it’s not suited for every role.

Etymotic GunSport Pro

We are giving away one set of Etymotic GunSport-Pro electronic earplugs.  Entry is free to all users – as with all giveaways on THR it is up to the participant to insure that the product is legal in his or her area, though I’m not aware of any restrictions on hearing protection.


I’m just writing this because when I sold my Skyhawk half of the replies I received included “will it still run on AVGAS?”  This post is designed to answer that so people understand the issue a bit better.