Powering the house via a portable generator

Purpose of this article

I had a friend who bought a generator because the hurricane was coming to town and one was available, and had no idea what to do with it.  My goal with this article is to tell him what I wish I’d known a year ago, before Matthew killed my power for a week.  After actually getting to test my setup with a real power outage, I feel qualified to do so. Continue reading

Pentax K1’s Pixel Shift Really Works

You’ve read the reviews so you probably knew the feature worked already, but if you are like me you’re taking someone else’s opinion for the difference in picture quality because it’s not very visible on screen.  So last night I set up my new tripod (carbon fiber is way lighter than steel, and the BH-55 ballhead is pretty solid), pointed the camera at a bookshelf, and shot 2 photos for a quick comparison to see if I could see the difference everyone was talking about.

It’s there.  I think this comparison makes it pretty clear. Continue reading

Southeast Aircraft Painting PIREP

When I bought my Skylane it came with a questionable paint scheme, but the real issue was the that leading edges of the wings and struts had paint peeling off.  The previous owner said a friend borrowed it and flew through freezing rain and that was the result, so initially I planned to simply redo the leading edges and call it good enough.

How my plane looked the day I flew it home

How my plane looked the day I flew it home

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Evaluating an 8-bay Qnap TurboNAS

Qnap offers a confusing number of products in the NAS space – seventy-nine at the time this is being written.  When shopping for a NAS unit I bought one on faith as there was really very little information online (especially compared to Synology – the main competitor in the home/SMB NAS space) and overall I’d say I made a good choice.

This article is my attempt to put some meaningful information on these units out there so others can make a more educated decision.

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