Evaluating an 8-bay Qnap TurboNAS

Qnap offers a confusing number of products in the NAS space – seventy-nine at the time this is being written.  When shopping for a NAS unit I bought one on faith as there was really very little information online (especially compared to Synology – the main competitor in the home/SMB NAS space) and overall I’d say I made a good choice.

This article is my attempt to put some meaningful information on these units out there so others can make a more educated decision.

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An Open Source EqualLogic Replacement: Part 2

Pipe Dream?

Part 1 laid out my goals: move from my EqualLogic array to something cheaper, faster, with more storage.  It sounds impossible, but there are some acceptable (and affordable) solutions out there.

SSD + Hard Drive Options

After some research, I came up with three possible ways to accomplish my goals, looking strictly at SSD/Hard drive integration, and leaving failover until later in my thinking. Continue reading